GunRunner Arms in Junction City Oregon.

Company information


  GunRunner Arms in Junction City was started in the garage of its founder Adam Bryce in 2011. In a very short time it became apparent that the garage would not do. So at the prompting of his son Scott GunRunner Arms rented its first store located in Junction City Oregon. Even the new store could not contain the growth of this family business. So once again GunRunner Arms had to move its retail operation to a new location. Putting us at our current location at 93244 Hwy. 99 South, Junction City, Oregon 97448.
  It has been a lot of work building GunRunner Arms into the company it is today. Thanks to so many who have transcended from customers to our very best friends. 
 The owners and management at GunRunner Inc thank God every day for all the blessings he has provided . And for those that have shared our journey, our deepest thanks, for it has been an honor and privilege to serve you.

GunRunner Arms Junction Citys gun shop.


GunRunner Arms staff is trained and or acredited in the following areas.

  • Small arms safety instructors
  • Gunsmithing (Unfortunately we do not do repairs)
  • Metalic cartridge reloading instructors
  • ATF regulations concerning firearms sales and acquisitions
  • Operation Child safe.

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